Class Prefabricated buildings

Our schools are housed in pre-fabricated buildings that are easily dismantled and relocated in the event of a natural disaster, allowing children to resume their education quickly after the crisis.

Computer Education

Primary level computer learning program going in 2012. We are providing 2000 plus computer desktop in primary school. Children are very happy to learn about computers. Our computer teacher training them every two days per week.

Video lessons enable children to continue their studies

We face the challenge of finding qualified local secondary school teachers. Our solution is to project pre-recorded lessons on TV monitors for the children to follow. Experienced teachers from nationally renowned schools record lessons in our Dhaka studio, enabling students in remote Char areas to benefit from the same quality education as those on the mainland.

A portable school library

A portable library is made available to schools and students. Every two weeks, the books are rotated from one school to another allowing the children to borrow and read the books.