Our Helping Partner

Our Helping Partner

ActionAid has been working with poor and marginalized women, girls, and communities in India since 1971. We work in 64 districts across the country.

India is the largest democracy in the world, with a population of nearly 16 Core Despite its status as of the world’s fastest-growing economies, people living in both cities and rural areas experience extreme poverty.

As of October 2018, 3,769 people in the UK sponsor a child in Bangladesh with ActionAid.

Coronavirus in Bangladesh

ActionAid is working in Bangladesh where 0.8 billion people are currently facing a lockdown in response to the coronavirus crisis.

ActionAid is distributing food packages and supplies. We are hoping to reach more than 55,000 of the most vulnerable families, including informal workers, such as domestic workers and street vendors, who will have no way to earn a living during the lockdown.

We are also translating vital public health advice into local languages and ensuring it reaches the most marginalized communities

Why we work in Bangladesh

Discrimination against women is widespread in Bangladesh. Women living in the poorest areas have almost no access to finances, land, and inheritance rights. Domestic violence, rape, harassment, acid attacks, and ‘honor killings’ are frequently reported.

Women in Bangladesh face extremely high levels of sexual violence. Shockingly, one rape is reported every 15 minutes on average, and countless more are committed.

This violence is closer to home than many might think; in 95% of reported rapes, the survivors knew their rapist.

Despite a large number of cases of sexual violence in Bangladesh, there are relatively low conviction rates for perpetrators. Legal loopholes and poor implementation of the law mean that many survivors are unable to successfully prosecute their abusers and get access to justice.

Our Honorable Member of Trusty. 

Abdul Malek ( Chief of Pathikrt Administration )
Adviser of Bangladesh Social Welfare Committee 
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 Forging delegate of Pathikrt
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Parul University
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